Gonzaga Bulldogs Won't Be No. 1 Seed In NCAA Tournament

By Andy Schmidt
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Tournament is less than three weeks away now and with that comes a ton of discussion over who should be the top seeds for the tournament. There is going to be a lot of talk over the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Gonzaga is 29-2 after a Saturday victory and while being ranked second in the country, I don’t think the Bulldogs will end up with one of the No. 1 seeds for the tournament. There is a very simple reason for it so bear with me.

While Gonzaga has just the two losses, both were against teams that are now not as highly thought of in the Butler Bulldogs and Illinois Fighting Illini. Gonzaga hasn’t played any solid teams this season really besides the three ranked teams they played and the West Coast Conference is not very good this season overall. There will be a ton of people who think that a weak schedule shouldn’t be that big of a difference as long as you win all your games. I have never been a fan of teams getting a top seed just because they went undefeated against lesser opponents.

We have seen it happen in other sports and the results have proven how bad the idea really is. Gonzaga will be a very solid No. 2 seed and likely the top No. 2 seed in the curve and that’s perfectly alright with me. I just don’t see the Bulldogs reaching the top line even if they win the WCC Tournament. There will be fans on the west coast who are upset with that statement and how you can’t know before the season how good your opponents are going to be, but this is just one man’s opinion on the subject. I’m sorry to say but Gonzaga just didn’t play enough high-quality teams this year.

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