Will the Duke Blue Devils Rush the Court in ACC Revenge Game?

By Joseph Nardone
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Pretend for one second that the Duke Blue Devils‘ world doesn’t revolve around Mike Krzyzewski. A tall task to ask, but for the sake of sanity, say that the students there don’t respect the coach as much as Dick Vitale. Considering–or despite– all of Krzyzewski’s anti-court storming rhetoric, would the Duke students storm the court if they were to avenge their loss to the Miami Hurricanes?

The short answer is absolutely. Despite many experts’ humorous love for Krzyzewski, students(young people) tend to get caught up in the moment. It isn’t their fault that the only thing that is important to them is the next five seconds. Remember when you were in college or in your youth, a respected figure in the community didn’t stop you and your friends from doing all types of shenanigans.

The difference between you drinking 40s with your buddies on the corner and the Duke students–they have a tangible reason to do something stupid. When the Hurricanes curb stomped the Blue Devils earlier this season, they did with some showmanship. While I don’t expect Warren Sapp to urge Shane Larkin to do the “Wojo” slap at Cameron Indoor Stadium, the Cameron Crazies are going to be out for blood regardless.

Everyone and their mother(Yes, their mother) has stormed the court against the Blue Devils over the years. Deadspin recently posted a video titled “17 Sports Moments That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity”, in which 17 different videos were shown of teams storming the court against Duke. I can’t imagine a better time, a more fitting one, or against a better team to do it than Miami.

Krzyzewski won’t allow it, so it won’t happen. I am sure he already warned the entire student body not to do so. Heck, he probably made the school’s athletic director get extra security. Having the students rush the floor, assuming they win, would anger Coach K as much as when teams do it against him.

No, not because he is an altruistic man–but because it wouldn’t fit his current narrative of bashing court storming.

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