Notre Dame Fighting Irish AD Jack Swarbrick Now Delusional

By Joseph Nardone
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

I honestly wonder what people are thinking sometimes. Case in point: Notre Dame Fighting Irish assistant director Jack Swarbrick pondering joining the Catholic Seven for one year in the new Big East Conference. First, before I rip Uncle Jack a new one, here is what Swarbrick had to say about the idea of going there for a year:

“If the Catholic 7 is leaving and forming its own conference for next year, they could certainly call us to want to explore our options. And if they were interested in accommodating us, it would certainly be a viable option. We have a lot of respect for those schools and know them well.”

“For some of the fall sports, there may be some impact on the pre-conference scheduling, so if you scheduled in anticipation of the Big East being as it currently is, you wouldn’t have scheduled any of the Catholic 7, right? They’re going to be conference opponents. Now, if they’re in their own conference, maybe you’d like to have them as a preseason or pre-conference season opponent. You’ve got to try to figure out how to do that. So you just deal with it.”

There is a problem in Swarbrick’s ideas – he is assuming the Catholic Seven would want them. Why on Earth would a brand new conference want to take on a team for just one season? Not only would the new Big East know they were being used for financial gain, but it would immediately hurt any tradition and credibility-building.

This isn’t Notre Dame football either – it is their basketball program. That is a big difference in monetary draw. Swarbrick is clearly looking to make the most money for his school in the quickest amount of time, but this is downright delusional.

Not to mention that the Catholic Seven already have a network deal in place that wouldn’t be financially affected by the Irish joining the league. The Catholic Seven would gain absolutely nothing by allowing Notre Dame in for a year. Nothing.

I can imagine the conference call now: “Hey, it’s Jack. I was wondering, can we join your new conference for just one season? I mean, we are Notre Dame and can help you bring in lots of money…Oh? Well, we won’t commit for anything longer then a year because we are headed to the ACC. So yes, technically we would be using you for only one year and you already have a contract in place, so you wouldn’t be gaining anything financially out of our involvement…hello?”

End scene.

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