Ole Miss Rebels Failing to Capitalize on NCAA Tournament Chances

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently nobody from the SEC wants to go to the NCAA Tournament.

The Ole Miss Rebels were given a great opportunity Saturday–to play an abomination of a basketball team. However, Ole Miss not only failed to capitalize on the chance to earn an easy victory, they stained their resume to the point of it looking like it went through the sewer system. Yes, losing to a team like the Mississippi State Bulldogs makes your resume reminiscent of fecal matter.

Luckily for the Rebels, two games are still left on their regular season docket before they play in the SEC Tournament. The first game will be against the Alabama Crimson Tide, who also happen to be playing for their NCAA Tournament lives. A win here, for either team really, won’t be enough to secure a pair of dancing slippers. Considering most people consider the conference as down as it has ever been, beating Alabama isn’t exactly that impressive.

Then it is off to play a ho-hum LSU Tigers team. Granted, it is a game they are supposed to–and need to–win. But still, that won’t be enough.

A failure to win these two games will directly result in Ole Miss being NIT bound. However, winning those two doesn’t result in them being invited to the big dance either. The loss to Mississippi State has done so much damage to the Rebels’ resume that a run in the conference tournament is needed.

Usually, 20 wins in a power-conference is enough to get an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament. Considering that the SEC is barely treading water as a league this year, much more is needed from Ole Miss to make the dance than rattling off some unimpressive victories.

Man, where has the Marshall Henderson and Ole Miss hype gone?

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