One of the Most Remarkable Endings You Will Ever See (Video)

By Anthony Lenahan
Source: Youtube

When the ninth seeded New Rochelle Huguenots met up with national power and third seeded Mount Vernon Knights for the third time this year, in the NYSAA Section 1 Class AA finals, no one gave them a shot to win.

Mount Vernon had won seven straight gold balls (section one championships) and the last time they had lost the section was in 2005 to Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice who starred in both basketball and football for New Rochelle High School.

Rice was able to give the underdog Huguenots an inspiring pep talk during half time of their semi-final game that sparked a second half surge to defeat Mahopac to have the opportunity to make something special happen and indeed something special occurred.

Another late fourth quarter run allowed New Ro to have an opportunity to win the game.  With 2.9 seconds left, Derek Dorn was fouled with a chance to tie it at the line.  It hit the first and missed the second, seemingly letting the game slip away.  A Mount Vernon miss and then a make at the line allowed a chance for New Ro to win with a 3.

New Rochelle coach Rasuan Young, called his final timeout where he drew up a play for Khalil Edney to hit Joe Clarke for a Christian Laettner type play.  It was supposed to work out like it did for New Rochelle when Edney hit Clarke for a touchdown to send them to the football state championship, one they eventually won earlier in the year.

Unlike in football, Edney’s heave was intercepted by a Mount Vernon Player who tried to lob the ball up to his teammate to seal the game, but Edney made a heads up play, not giving up, he picked off the pass and chucked up a 55 foot bomb with .1 seconds left to win.

Both teams began celebrating and fans rushed the court, but one referee had waved off the basket meaning the Knights had won their eighth straight gold ball.  After a bunch of chaos on the court, the referees talked it over and not being able to use instant replay because it was high school basketball, the two other officials overruled the official who waved off the basket giving New Rochelle the unthinkable.

Enough of the talk about the game, check out one of the craziest endings, half court shots you will ever see:

I am still speechless about what you all just witnessed if you have not witnessed it yet.  I was watching this game live on my computer and as the play began I thought the game was over, but then a bad lob pass by Devonte Banner of Mount Vernon was intercepted by Edney and then he just chucked up a shot.  As the ball was leaving his hand he had looked like he got the ball off in time, but I saw the referee waving it off.  I just thought, that ball is going in, that ball is gonna go in the hoop.  I just had a weird feeling and then it, went in!

A crazy 2.9 seconds. So much action for just 2.9 seconds of basketball.  A deflection, a steal, a pass, another steal and finally the shot all within 2.9 seconds.

I am still in awe and have nothing else to say as you keep on watching the play over and over.

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