Do the Iowa Hawkeyes Still Have Time to Put Themselves Back Within the Bubble Discussion?

By Paul Seaver
Rick Osentoski-USA Today Sports

The outlook on the Iowa Hawkeyes‘ season is certainly not eye-popping.

At 18-11 overall and 7-9 within the Big Ten Conference, the Hawkeyes are positioned in a difficult spot in terms of their NCAA Tournament potential. However, that door is not shut just yet.

Entering the final week of the regular season schedule, Iowa is preparing for back-to-back home games against both Illinois and Nebraska. Now, for the Hawkeyes, the margin for error is zero. Both games are must-wins and even with that, it still probably isn’t enough to garner the attention and respect that a berth within the Big Dance requires.

However, there’s at least a shot.

If the Hawkeyes are able to scoop up a pair of home wins this week and move to 20-11 overall and 9-9 in the conference, they all of a sudden have a chance at dancing. The key word in that sentence however, ischance.

A pair of wins this week won’t necessarily put Iowa in the position that they had hoped they’d be in, but it at least gives them an opportunity to get back into the discussion prior to the conference tournament.

Sure, it’s a long shot and one more loss, especially in the regular season, could be the final blow for the Hawkeyes. Fans however, can keep the faith alive though, considering the Big Ten certainly could get the benefit of the doubt given its difficulty in conference strength.

Let’s keep it simple for now though and see how things play out this week for Iowa. Get to 20 wins and gather some momentum heading into the conference tournament, then maybe they have  a chance to garner some late attention.


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