Tennessee Tech Guard Javon McKay With the Dunk of the Century (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

As quickly as you can, rattle off everything you know about the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles basketball program. Now, scream at the top of your lungs every detail you have ever heard about Javon McKay.


Now that we have learned that nobody knows anything about Tennessee Tech hoops we can move along to fun things. McKay, who you never heard of, had an absolute beastly dunk over the weekend. It is hard to explain how awesome it was–so just watch the video below:


McKay, who averages a worldly 3.6 points per game, has likely never scored two points in such an awesome fashion. Notice how he elevated and threw the ball through the basket so hard that a homeless person was just handed a hamburger by Sam Cassell. Does that make any sense to you–because it shouldn’t–neither did that dunk.

Tennessee Tech isn’t having an awesome season. In fact, they only have 12 wins all year-long. So the only way there were going to make SportCenter is with a “Top 10” type of play.

Wait, what is that you say? ESPN didn’t even include McKay’s “Dunk of the Century(of this week)” in their highlight reels? Shame on them for not realizing the awesomeness that is Tennessee Tech basketball. Had they have even looked at the internet, they would have noticed that this dunk happened all the way back on Saturday.

Yes, I do realize the irony of a man who posted this video two days late calling out someone else. But let us be honest–you didn’t know this existed either.

Long live Tennessee Tech hoops(Now send me free stuff whoever is the Tennessee Tech AD)!

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