It is Win or Go Home for the Arkansas Razorbacks

By Joseph Nardone
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

This isn’t very hard to figure out. The Arkansas Razorbacks (18-11, 9-7 SEC) are in one of those glorious “run or done” type of situations. If Arkansas wants to go dancing this month, they better just win the remainder of their regular season games. If they don’t–a combination of crazy things would have to go their way for them to be awarded a pair of NCAA Tournament dancing slippers.

If you are a Razorbacks fan–refrain from complaining. In fact, if you are a fan of any team on the bubble, you should not whine if your favorite squad doesn’t get an at-large bid. Even more than that, if you are a fan of the SEC just shh–as it seems nobody from your conference is in a big hurry to solidify a spot in the tourney.

It isn’t like anyone asked Arkansas to lose 11 games this year. They are in the win-out situation because of how inconsistent they have been all year-long. However, putting my hatred for bubble talk aside, the Razorbacks still have a chance to earn an at-large bid. Granted, they have to win out and probably win at least on more game in the SEC Tournament, but they still have a chance.

Left on their docket is the Missouri Tigers and the Texas A&M Aggies. Those are two pretty tough games for a squad such as Arkansas. Although, if they can’t beat them considering all that is at stake, then they probably don’t deserve to be a part of the madness anyways. If they were able to make it through those two games with victories, there will still be a small glimmer of hope for the program.

Although, the two wins will not be enough. Since the SEC is widely considered historically-awful this season, the Razorbacks will probably need to win at least one more game in the conference tournament.

But hey, what I am trying to say is–there’s still a chance.

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