Syracuse Orange Coach Jim Boeheim High on New Catholic Seven League

By Joseph Nardone
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange coach Jim Boeheim has given us a lot of quotable moments lately. Whether he has been calling a reporter disloyal for reasons only known to him, asking John Goodman to get his Pulitzer somewhere else or just being downright grumpy, he has been delighting us the last several weeks with some of his most clever quips.

Boeheim’s thoughts on conference realignment are also well-documented. Being that he has been involved with Syracuse and the Big East since the conference’s inception, he is naturally sad and disappointed about the league being over. However, he does think the “new” Big East will be a fine conference to for years to come.

Here is what Uncle Jim had to say to USA Today:

“I think it will be as good as any league. I think it can be a top basketball league, I really do. They have the TV deal. Their fear, which is not going to happen, is that (football) schools break away from the NCAA and form some big deal. But I don’t see that happening.

“They will end up with a really good league. They’ll have some money coming in, and looks like they have a TV contract. And they don’t ever have to worry about football juggling them around again. That was always going to happen.

“It was a miracle the Big East stayed together for so long. And football-basketball schools need to be together. And basketball-only schools need to be together. It [the breakup] was inevitable. It just took a long time because of Dave Gavitt and Mike Tranghese holding it together all those years.”

Boeheim is pretty spot-on in his assessment here. Most people who hold basketball-only schools close to their hearts have always dreamed of a basketball only super-conference. Being that most basketball die-hards don’t like their basketball being bullied around by football money–yes, this move was indeed inevitable.

This might have been one of the few recent examples of Boeheim being fairly nice while commenting on a situation. Granted, it is because he is going to miss what the original Big East was designed to do: be an awesome hoops conference. I am not saying that he is jealous, I just think he is really going to miss the old Big East more than he is looking forward to playing in the ACC.

That isn’t a knock. Boeheim has openly admitted that he is too old to deal with all of the conference realignment going on and just wants to focus on hoops.

Plus one Jim, plus one.

Joe is a Senior Writer for Rant Sports and that final line was meant as a Twitter-RT joke. Follow him on those mean streets  @JosephNardone

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