Kansas State Wildcats Want to Change Top of Big 12 Conference

By Joseph Nardone
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas State Wildcats are sick and tired of the Kansas Jayhawks being the dominate force in the Big 12. Going into their final game the Wildcats are currently tied with the Jayhawks for first in conference standings. Being that Kansas State has lost to their in-state rivals twice this year, maybe now isn’t the time to be claiming your tiredness of Jayhawk dominance.

However, that didn’t stop senior Martavious Irving (Who happens to score a whopping five points per game) from running his yap. “We’re tired of KU dominating, basically. We want to make some changes around here, so that’s what we work toward every day.” Irving rattled.

I guess Kansas State figures that their current six game winning streak allows them to get a little mouthy. I would suggest that they should focus on their next game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys before they start telling the world how they will one day take down Kansas.

Obviously I don’t blame Irving or any member of the Wildcats for striving to be excellent. Although it honestly doesn’t make the squad look all that bright considering the aforementioned two losses to Kansas this season. Generally, if someone is running their mouth about someone else, it would be wise to do so when you have tangible evidence as to why it is going to happen.

Even with all of that being said the Wildcats still have a shot to win the Big 12 regular season title. Then it is off to go dancing in the NCAA Tournament. Hopefully their focus is more on what lays ahead of them and not just knocking Kansas off the conference throne.

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