Missouri Tigers Head Coach Frank Haith Goes Bonkers in Victory

By Joseph Nardone
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Haith is a man in a precarious situation at the moment. While he is currently trying to get the Missouri Tigers into the NCAA Tournament he also has to deal with the whole Miami Hurricanes investigation scandal. That is a lot of stress to put on a singular man at one time. Granted, both of the problems he is currently in is his own doings. Whatever involvements he may or may not have had at Miami is on him. Same goes for Missouri losing to some teams they shouldn’t have.

So when lots of stress goes on one person’s back, he will inevitably crack to some degree. Haith had his mental breakdown on Tuesday night. While he didn’t beat anybody up with a pogo-stick, he was very animated on the sideline. Whether he was doing New Jersey Shore style fist pumps in the air, doing the defensive slide in unison with one of his players, or yelling out commands while veins were popping out of his head — Haith was more than excited.

Then, in not one of Haith’s finer moments as a coach, he yelled across the court to Mike Anderson. Haith was doing so in such an extreme way that his assistants had to hold the man back. Haith attributed it to misguided communication, “I thought it was a miscommunication. I was emotional for my team, and I was encouraging my team, and he thought I was saying something else. But I was only talking to my team.”

Whether or not you believe Haith is completely up to you. The Tigers have likely earned their way into the NCAA Tournament, so one could assume that some stress has been taken off of Haith’s shoulders. It will be interesting to see if he continues to blow more gaskets in the big dance — as more stress is going to be headed his way.

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