North Carolina State Wolfpack Can Still Secure A No. 3 Seed In ACC Tournament

By Trevor Lowry
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The North Carolina State Wolfpack (21-8, 10-6 ACC) are currently the fourth ranked team in the ACC standings. However, with a little help and two victories down the stretch, NC State can still secure a No. 3 seed in the ACC tournament.

Although this is not what North Carolina Tar Heels fans want to hear, if Duke or Maryland can beat North Carolina then North Carolina State will likely be the No. 3 team in the ACC tournament. However, this is assuming that the Wolfpack take care of business against Wake Forest and Florida State in their last two games–both teams are at the bottom half of the conference.

However, Virginia is also 10-6 in the conference and has a chance at a No. 3 seed in the conference tournament, so things could start to get confusing really fast.

NC State does currently have one less loss than Virginia though.

Considering that this team has C.J. Leslie and Lorenzo Brown on the team, you would think that they would have easily finished in the top three of the ACC. Not to mention, Richard Howell and Scott Wood are both putting up 12 or more points per game this season. Whether the case, the Wolfpack have plenty of talent this year, but talent does not always win ballgames alone.

North Carolina State could easily win its last two games of the regular season and enter the ACC tournament and NCAA tournament with a lot of momentum. The Wolfpack may not earn the highest seed in the world in the tournament, but they have the talent to go on a Sweet 16 run like they did last season.


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