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The Marquette Golden Eagles Have Been the Surprise Team in the Big East This Season

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

If I had told you at the beginning of the season that the Syracuse Orange wouldn’t even be in the discussion for a Big East regular season title in the last week of the season, you would have called me crazy. If I had told you that the Marquette Golden Eagles would be one game away from winning a share of the Big East title, you would have told me I was crazy. However, the last week of the season is here and this IS the situation in the Big East.

The Golden Eagles are one of the best teams in the country. Marquette has avoided the hype of a top NCAA team all season and has quietly racked up wins against the best teams in the Big East. This Marquette team looks like a completely different team at this point of the season since they lost to the Florida Gators by 33 at the end of November.  They are playing like they think they can win every game and it has turned out to be a winning mentality.

Marquette is set to make a deep run in the NCAA tournament, especially with a strong performance in the Big East tournament. Marquette rebounds better than most teams in the country and has the ability to power through tough games with more well known players and teams. The Golden Eagles are under the radar, which gives them an advantage. Don’t be surprised if Marquette is the team from the Big East that goes furthest in the NCAA tournament and don’t be surprised when Marquette wins the Big East tournament.