Transfer Romero Osby Making a World of Difference for the Oklahoma Sooners

By Joseph Nardone
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports has a tremendous article up about Oklahoma Sooners senior Romero Osby. In it writer Stephanie Kuzydym talks about Osby’s struggles while he was with the Mississippi State Bulldogs before transferring over to Oklahoma.

The article discusses how Osby had to spend time away from his wife and his brand new baby, that Osby expected the journey on the road to his dreams be a much smoother ride, and that none of Osby’s original expectations about college basketball were as it seemed and he struggled as much as a player as he did as a person.

Those who have followed Osby’s story know that it actually wasn’t until former Sooners coach Jeff Capel talked to him that Osby knew what he had to do. Capel explained it to him in the most simple of ways–that only hard work would get Osby where he wanted to be.

It wasn’t that Osby didn’t work hard while with Mississippi State, but he was unsure on how to work on his game. In a roundabout way–while never talking about a direct instance–he was implying that the Bulldogs coaches were giving him no direction at all. Thankfully for Osby, Capel gave him a map to help things get moving.

Fast-forward a few years later. Capel is gone, Mississippi State seems distant in the rear-view mirror, and Osby is still playing basketball for the Sooners. He now leads the team in scoring (15.2 ppg) and has become a leader on the team. His wife and daughter have now joined him in Oklahoma. While this all makes him happy, Osby isn’t content to rest on his previous successes.

Osby’s reputation off-the-court is one of a goofball, a fun loving young man. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t become a man on and off the court. His story is a tale that could be told using several other college athletes. However, most don’t end up being as good of a story as Osby’s has.

His journey is nowhere near its end. Osby is still trying to help Oklahoma sneak their way into the NCAA Tournament. After that he still has dreams about playing professional basketball. But whatever the future holds for Osby–chances are he will figure out what is put ahead of him and get to his planned destination regardless of whatever detours he may have to take along the way.

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