Trey Burke Shines Again In Michigan's Comeback Win Over Purdue

By Alex Dale
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports


Michigan beat Purdue 80-75 Wednesday night after it looked like the Wolverines would fall on the road and lose a shot at a Big Ten title.

Instead, Trey Burke decided to do Trey Burke things. He looked out of sorts in the first half, scoring just five points, but then he came to play. Scoring 21 points in the second half, he completely took over the game for Michigan.

The Wolverines trailed by as many as 12 points in the second half because Purdue could not miss and Michigan continuously missed open shots. With Burke not doing much, it looked like Michigan would once again get upset on the road. Then he scored 15 out of Michigan’s 20 next points. He scored on fast breaks, he scored off of isolations and he even scored off of offensive rebounds. He truly did it all and took over the game. A timid Michigan attack evolved in to the “Trey Burke Show” as he put the offense on his back.

If fans thought that Sunday’s win over Michigan State was Burke’s signature performance, they were wrong. Tonight, he single-handedly grabbed victory out of the jaws of defeat for Michigan. He made some really incredible plays, but the most impressive aspect of his performance was how knew he had to, and was able to turn his game on when the team needed him. He took a backseat in the first half, and Michigan did well early on, before Purdue went on a 43-19 run to get to their biggest lead of 12 points.

It was then that Burke changed his game and went into attack mode. That was when Michigan took control back, at least offensively.

Burke once again showed tonight that he has the heart of a champion. As bad as things looked at times for Michigan, he would not let them lose and so he handed in yet another masterful, signature performance for arguably the best player in the country.

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