Why the Connecticut Huskies Will Not Make the NCAA Tournament

By Taylor Sturm
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Connecticut Huskies are close to the NCAA tournament bubble, but not close enough. The Huskies have played well against strong opposition all season, but will not make the NCAA tournament. Here are some reasons why.

Connecticut does not have enough quality wins to make the tournament. The first win over now No. 14 Michigan State looks great, but the wins over the then No. 17 Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the then No. 7 Syracuse Orange have been hindering the Huskies as of late because both Syracuse and Notre Dame keep losing games. Connecticut needed one of the close losses to North Carolina State, Georgetown or New Mexico to go their way and improve their resume because at this point it looks like it will not be enough.

Their competition to make the tournament is far too strong. The teams that are on the bubble still have a game or two that can put them over the edge and into the tournament, where the Huskies have games against two of the worst teams in the Big East in South Florida and Providence. The Huskies have to have an outstanding run in the Big East tournament, but their seeding is unfavorable and the competition will be fierce.

If the Huskies want to make the tournament, they must win at least three games in the Big East tournament; however, Connecticut will not do this because they seem to have problems with teams above .500 in the Big East. This season it will most likely be the NIT, not the NCAA tournament for the Huskies.

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