Bubble Watch: A Pair of Dancing Slippers for the Villanova Wildcats, Please

By Joseph Nardone
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It can’t be said enough how the Villanova Wildcats‘ season has been a complete cluster-fudge. Early on, it seemed as if they didn’t even want to compete. To start the year by losing to such awesome teams such as the Columbia Lions will make someone think that. Still, we all assumed that Jay Wright would figure it out in time to make some real noise when the conference season got underway. Then, for a short period of time, it seemed like they actually did. Funny though, as soon as we bought back into the Wildcats, they fell off, again.

That was a quick summary of their entire season. They are out, back in, out, creeping back in, way out, end scene. However, it seems like they have finally decided to join our regularly scheduled “Villanova is a tourney team” program. Oh, and it’s real–it is very real.

Wednesday night saw Nova upset the Georgetown Hoyas, which might have been the only thing they could have done outside winning the Big East Tournament to get into the NCAA Tournament. With one win against a top five team in the nation, it is now dancing time for the Wildcats not just because of the one win, but because it has solidified a popular thought about Villanova: that they are actually good and had a few rough patches.

I don’t for one single second think that the Wildcats are any kind of threat to win or go deep in the NCAA Tournament. But that is not what this is about for the program. It has as much to do with overcoming disappointment as it does with making the dance.

Overcoming the rough start and coming back to only find themselves in a bad position at the end of the year–all of those things could have written off the Wildcats’ season, but it didn’t. The NCAA Tournament has a saying: “Survive and Advance”. Nova did just that, except they survived an entire season.

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