Bubble Watch: Iowa State Cyclones Now In Following Big Win Over Oklahoma State?

By Joseph Nardone
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

I have quickly adopted the Iowa State Cyclones as one of my favorite teams this season. Not because Chris Babb has a nice back story, or Will Clyburn is becoming a beast, or that I have a weird man-crush thing (platonic man-crush) going on for Fred Horiberg — they are just so much fun to watch. The Cyclones play offense as if they were all a more athletic, but not as good as shooters, clones of Hoiberg.

The weird thing about the Cyclones being on the bubble was that I always felt like they would do real damage in the NCAA Tournament. It is only strange because they were on the bubble up until last night’s game. Many had Iowa State projected as one of the “First four in” before the game tipped-off. Since they out-willed the 13th ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys, it seems like the Cyclones have secured a spot in the big dance.

Iowa State only has one more regular season game. Luckily for them, it is against one of the most atrocious teams in the Big 12, the West Virginia Mountaineers. Although, while I feel they can beat anyone in the nation on any given night, because of their style of play, they also have the ability to lose to any team in the nation. Chucking threes, while grossly entertaining, does put a team in a vulnerable position. If Hoiberg’s team was to have an off night their big win against OK State might be for not.

There isn’t a more fascinating team in the nation right now. Iowa State could literally beat any perceived best teams in the nation. As I pointed out, they can also lose to five 50 year-old guys who formed a team at the YMCA. If they were to get into the tournament, which they are poised to do at the moment, there won’t be a scarier team to face in all the land.

Fast-paced and chucking threes as if they didn’t pull the trigger quick enough the three point line would vanish, the Cyclones are just flat-out entertaining. Please make the NCAA Tournament, please.

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