Colorado Forward Andre Roberson Out Against Oregon With a "Viral Illness"

By David LaRose
Ron Chenoy- USA TODAY Sports

Not that things needed to get any tougher for Colorado headed into the final weekend of the regular season but things just did.

The nation’s leading rebounder, and arguably Colorado’s best player, Andre Roberson has been listed out of their game on Thursday night against Oregon with a “viral illness”. According to the school Roberson is listed as day-to-day, as far as his recovery time goes, but initial reports suggested a more severe illness for the big man.

Less than 30 minutes until game time news broke that Roberson was out indefinitely with mononucleosis but since those initial reports the school dulled down the severeness of the illness and his recovery time. Signs of a Roberson sickness were clear during this last week of practices as Roberson sat out Tuesday’s session and then was not around for Wednesday’s light practice.

If Roberson is out for an extended period of time it puts Colorado’s March ambitions into question. I think even without Roberson Colorado is an NCAA Tournament team but they won’t be able to go as far into the tournament without his services. However, Colorado has more urgent issues at hand, most notably the final two games of the regular season.

Colorado takes on an Oregon team tonight that is fighting for the Pac 12 regular season championship and then they play Oregon State two days later. Against Oregon the rebounding battle was already skewed in the Ducks’ favor but now without Roberson, who averages 11.5 rebounds per game, Oregon has a decided advantage.

This will be a situation worth following, especially with the Pac 12 Tournament and the NCAA Tournament right around the corner.

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