Connecticut Huskies Lose to South Florida Bulls: Pointless Season Gets Worse

By Taylor Sturm
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The 19-9 Connecticut Huskies were on the verge of making this pointless season look worth it and finish respectably in the Big East. All the hope for a decent finish drained away Wednesday night when the Huskies lost to the South Florida Bulls 65 – 51. Connecticut was not just beaten, but manhandled by the 3-14 Big East record Bulls. At this rate, Kevin Ollie’s team wouldn’t have made it past their first game in the Big East tournament. The Huskies have lost three games in a row and are playing like one of the worst teams in the Big East–they can be jumped in the Big East rankings by Providence (placing the Huskies at ninth in the conference) if they lose the last game of the season.

What team benefits the most from Connecticut’s failure to win a game that was supposed to be easy? Villanova. The Wildcats now don’t have the threat of being jumped in the Big East standings looming over them. Villanova has benefited all season from Connecticut being banned from post-season play and will benefit further from UConn’s inability to win easy games.

The Huskies have had some impressive victories all season, but you cannot lose to a team with only two Big East wins and still be considered a decent team in the conference. Connecticut needs a miracle if the Huskies want to salvage this season, but this team does not seem talented enough at times to produce that miracle. However, Ollie has proven himself as a good coach and UConn will come back strong next season.

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