Injured Kentucky Wildcats Star Nerlens Noel Rapping (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

I sometimes wonder what a future multi-millionaire does with his time while he is injured and still in college. Well, Kentucky Wildcats star Nerlens Noel just gave us all the answer. As far as all the research one can do on this kind of thing, the following is a real version of a song called “Number 9” by Wes Grams and Noel.

Okay, so yeah — that apparently happened. Let us highlight some of the finer moments of the song. Noel did drop some of the following lyrics: “Tore my ACL, but I’ll still make it to the pros,” a diss line (I guess) towards the Missouri Tigers “Made it to the tourney, so shout out Missouri” and giving Kentucky fans false hope everywhere with “I might come back, but I don’t know yet.”

Not really sure if Noel is the next Nas or the future Black Rob, but one thing is for sure–I am totally confused. I am not a hip-hop expert by any means (I leave that up to Jared Mintz) but I do think that the song made my life as a member of the human species complete. Whatever being I worship up in the sky, I can ascend to you now.

Please, for the love of Sam Cassell, someone comment below and tell me whether this was good or not. I need to know these things. As I continue to further embarrass my lack of rapster knowledge, will Frank Haith release a follow-up beef track? Haith does have a reputation of being a little nutty and does have some “swag” roots at the Miami Hurricanes.

Man, oh man. I need more. Like a crack addict searching for his next fix, I need me some Noel hip-hop. No, not because I thought it was good, but because it was awesome hearing a seven-footer dropping knowledge on my dome for the first time since Shaquille O’Neal.

Please, please let this be real. PLEASE!

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