Bubble Watch: Do the Tennessee Volunteers Have a Chance?

By Joseph Nardone
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Do the Tennessee Volunteers have a chance to get into the NCAA Tournament? You bet your sweet butt-cheeks. They have the same odds of making the dance as I do becoming Kate Upton‘s trophy husband. But luckily for the both of us, I guess what I am trying to say is — yes there is still a small glimmer of shining hope for both things to happen.

In order for both scenarios to actually come true, a bunch of unlikely things need to happen. I need to become a much better looking, higher educated, wealthier, land an awesome job, and become a better overall awesome person. Basically, I need to become the complete opposite of the person I am today.

The Vols need similar, unlikely events to transpire. They need to win their last regular season game, somehow go back in time to change their bad losses to wins, and become a better overall team. Pretty much the polar opposite of the team that they are today.

There is also a scenario for the Vols to make the NCAA Tournament. It is a long-shot, but they can run the SEC Tournament and earn an automatic entry into the tourney. While unlikely, that is the only way they have any real shot of going dancing this month.

For me on the other hand — Well I can come up with a magic love potion that will somehow make Kate think I am the cat’s meow and make her think that there is no one in the world for her but me.

What I guess I am really trying to say is that the Vols do have a chance to make the tournament. Albeit, the smallest of slim chances, they have an honest-to-god shot.

So Tennessee, are you trying to say we have a chance?

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