Bubble Watch: Ole Miss Rebels Must Do Wonders in the SEC Tournament

By Trevor Lowry
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

The Ole Miss Rebels are in a sort of awkward situation.

Currently, they are ranked second in the SEC standings, but so are three other teams. Not to mention, the SEC is a conference filled with bubble teams this year and is only projected to get four teams into the NCAA tournament. The Rebels will definitely have to show their worth to punch their ticket this year.

The SEC deserves to get five or more teams into the dance, but I understand that there is plenty of bubble teams this season. As it stands, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas and Ole Miss are all on the bubble. LSU could certainly play its way into the bubble conversation by going deep into the SEC tournament.

With this many bubble teams in one conference, Ole Miss and the other six bubble teams will have to put on the gloves to decide who gets a magical ticket to the dance in the conference tournament.

However, let’s take a look at the Rebels’ line of work this season. They are 22-8 on the season with a conference record of 11-6. Their worst losses came in the conference against South Carolina, Mississippi State and Texas A&M. Their best wins on the season also came in the SEC against Tennessee (twice), Missouri, Arkansas and Alabama.

The Rebels did just beat Alabama, though, and a win against LSU to end the regular season would be huge, well as huge as beating the Tigers in basketball could possibly be. That will likely not be enough to put this team into the tournament, though, because of all of the other bubble teams in this conference. If Ole Miss wants to guarantee a bid then they can win the conference tournament, however, winning two games or even making the championship game should be enough.


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