Business-Like Attitude Extends Off the Court for Gonzaga Bulldogs

By Kris Hughes
Elias Harris Kelly Olynyk Kevin Pangos Gonzaga Bulldogs
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When you watch the Gonzaga Bulldogs, the first word that comes to mind in describing their play is workmanlike — perhaps even businesslike. There’s little flash — not to say it is totally missing, however — but all of the substance expected of one of the country’s top teams.

Given that, it’s hardly a coincidence that three of the team’s top contributors are also studying business at Gonzaga. All-everything center Kelly Olynyk, redshirt junior guard Drew Barham and the team’s garbage man (and I mean that in the best way possible), Mike Hart are each deep into their studies of the discipline.

Olynyk and Hart are both in the Graduate School at Gonzaga pursuing MBA degrees, while Barham is studying organizational leadership on the undergraduate level. While Olynyk’s business future may have more to do with managing money headed his way in the NBA, Hart and Barham will more likely be putting their talents to use in a more traditional workplace.

Apart from being one of the most popular — and applicable — majors on American college campuses, business classes in general teach a solid base of communication skills, negotiation, leadership and tactics — all of which make a reasonable transition from the classroom to the hardwood.

It definitely explains why the communication among the ‘Zags is as seamless as it comes and their teamwork isn’t paralleled among the other top teams in the country who, by design, are dependent on the production of one or two players to carry them night-in and night-out.

Maybe it’s a recruiting tactic that’s being overlooked:

Find the kids that want to be business majors.

They’ll bring the right attitude to both the hardwood and the classroom.

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