Could Height Disadvantage Hurt Kansas State's NCAA Tournament Potential?

By Taylor Sturm
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas State Wildcats are one win against the Oklahoma State Cowboys away from either winning the Big 12 title outright or at least sharing it with the Kansas Jayhawks. The Wildcats are ninth in the country in assists and are one of the most unselfish teams in the country, as well as being a very good team at stealing the ball.

However, Kansas State’s tallest player getting more than nineteen minutes a game is only 6’7,  and the lack of tall players may hinder the Wildcats once the tournament begins.

No one is arguing that Kansas State isn’t an athletic team, but look at the losses to Kansas. They were outrebounded both times. In one of the two games they were outrebounded by 19 on the boards, and Kansas’ two taller starters combined for 30 points over the Wildcats’ Jeff Withey and Kevin Young. It’s not just against Kansas; the Wildcats have been outrebounded in every loss this season.

Kansas State has the potential to do some amazing things in the NCAA tournament. However, the team must understand its limits physically, and play to its advantages and away from its disadvantages. The Wildcats cannot try and play down low with teams that have a roster with a height advantage. Kansas State is best at passing and if the Wildcats want to beat taller teams in the NCAA tournament, they will have to consistently move the ball around as frequently as they have all season during every tournament game.

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