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Defense is the Key for the Florida Gators

Rob Foldy-USA Today Sports

The old saying “Defense wins championships” isn’t really that true of a statement anymore in any sport.  All sports have changed into high paced games and the team that wins is whoever can score more.  It’s not about relying on your defense to make it a low scoring game, it is about your offense being able to score as much and as quickly as possible.

This year, the Florida Gators are one of the best defensive teams in the land and it has them currently ranked No. 11 in the country.  The defensive minded Gators have held every single opponent under 70 points except for one game that resulted in a loss.  Their defensive play has clinched them the regular season SEC championship and has them optimistic towards a national championship.

The Gators are currently the third best team in the country when it comes to opponents points per game.  They hold their opponents on average to 53 points per game.  Not only do they hold their opponents to a low point total, but they can score the basketball themselves.

Florida is 42nd in division 1 in points scored.  They score about 72.5 points per game and when their defense is on, they can’t be beat.

Billy Donovan is a great coach and really knows how to win come March, but will his defense first strategy pay off when he has to play against the run and gun teams?  Defense is key for Florida if they want to succeed late in the season, but will it be enough to hold off the best teams in the country?