Jeff Bzdelik's Hot Seat Gets Even Hotter With Wake Forest Fan Ad

By marcvilas
Paul Abell- US Presswire

Jeff Bzdelik of Wake Forest has not lived up to the lofty expectations of his program’s fans and they are letting him know it.  Fans have started a webpage,, in an effort to let the athletic department know of their feelings. Then to go a step further they took out a printed ad in this week’s student news paper asking students to encourage athletic director Ron Wellman to fire Bzdelik.  Demon Deacon fans are angry, and they should be.

Wake Forest was once a proud program led by Dave Odom and Skip Prosser and fueled by great players like Tim Duncan and Chris Paul, but Bzdelik has killed that momentum. After the untimely death of coach Prosser, his lead assistant coach Dino Gaudio was handed the program.  Coach Gaudio did a very respectable job, but despite a 61-31 record was fired in 2010.  That is when Wellman hired Bzdelik to lead the Demon Decons even though he had a 36-58 record at Colorado over the same three year period that Gaudio was coaching. Bzdelik’s three year record at Wake? 33-59.  Broken record keeps repeating itself.

While it may be harsh to criticize someone in their chosen profession and call for their firing, it is hard to argue the facts.  His 1-25 road record in the ACC or his 4-25 record in February and March during his time at Wake does not help his cause.  Nor does the fact that eight players have either transferred or been dismissed in the last three years from his program. It is facts and a track record that land you on list calling you one of the worst coaches in college basketball.  Bzdelik needs to make changes fast or he will be confronted on his mess.

A united fan base is a great thing to have…unless they want your head on a stick.



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