Offensive Struggles Cost Georgetown a Loss to Villanova

By Anthony Lenahan
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

Georgetown was on an eleven game winning streak when they went on the road to face Villanova,who was desperate for a win to get them into the NCAA tournament.  Georgetown was trying to get a win to continue to show why they deserved to be a No. 1 seed, but offensive struggles would cost the Hoyas their eleven game winning streak, and at the moment, their No. 1 seed.

The whole season Georgetown has won games because of their defense.  They aren’t a high scoring team and like to work the ball on every possession to really turn the game into a low-scoring one.  That doesn’t mean the Hoyas aren’t good offensively.  They can make outside shots and shoot 46% from the field while limiting turnovers to go along with good defense, it makes them a successful team.

Against Villanova, the Hoyas let up an uncharacteristic 67 points.  Those 67 points they let up were primarily a result of the offensive struggles Georgetown had caused by a fierce and intense Wildcats defense.

Their struggles to score were lead by one problem the Hoyas don’t normally have, and that is turning the ball over.  Georgetown had a season high 22 turnovers.  Six different players had multiple turnovers for the Hoyas and that just can’t happen any more for Georgetown if they want to make a run in the tournament.

Georgetown shot 46% from the field, right at their season average while also shooting 39% from behind the arc.  Otto Porter Jr., the Hoyas preliminary scorer and best player, had his season average 17 points as well.

Offensively, Georgetown shot just as effectively as they have all season, but the number of times they turned the ball over caused them to lose a close game to a team they are going to have to beat in the NCAA tournament.


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