The Opposite of Bubble Talk as the Northwestern Wildcats Lose, Again

By Joseph Nardone
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

You are going to see a slew of “Bubble Watch” articles here on Rant Sports for a little while. A bunch of teams are going to be battling it out to see who is going to get a pair of dancing slippers. Some of the teams on the bubble aren’t even that good, but have positioned themselves as a team who might sneak their way into the dance. Who knows, maybe some of them will even make a dent in the NCAA Tournament.

And then there are the Northwestern Wildcats. A team, barely, who is currently the exact opposite of a bubble team. They are not on the NIT bubble, heck, they won’t even get an invite from the CBI. The only bubble related talk going on with Northwestern is about Bill Carmody‘s job. Considering I have already covered that the coach should be canned (HERE), I won’t regurgitate what I have already said.

Instead I will talk about what a joke they have become. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, it isn’t a funny “haha” joke either. It is more like a joke of how every other Big 10 team probably laughs when they see them coming up on the schedule. Or how fans and media people don’t even mention Northwestern’s program under their breath. To be fair, to the fans and media, it is because that kind of thing would be a complete waste of valuable air.

I would really like for Northwestern to trot out a decent basketball program — I’d even settle for semi-decent. Until coaching changes are made none of that will be possible. The Wildcats keep throwing out the same coach over and over again each season and are expecting different results.

Now, that is just insane.

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