Announcers for Holland College Do Some Um, Amazing Announcing (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It is the time of year when college basketball is at its most intense. Large amounts of stress are burdening the players, coaches and the families of all those involved. However, one of the groups of people who have that same stress, but goes overlooked, is a team’s announcers.

For smaller schools these announcers are usually green in the broadcasting injury. They might be interns, students, or just starting off in their soon-to-be illustrious career. I am not sure what group the following pair of Holland College announcers fall into, but this is certainly as awesome as a thing can be:

The highlight of the entire video is definitely the very end. While Holland College does prove for some exciting moments — hitting two three-pointers in seconds — it isn’t until Holland College seals the victory that we hear the announcer being fantastically redundant, “If you’re a Hurricanes fan watching right now, you were treated to a treat.”

That is right, for the folks who were watching a game that only the players and family members care about — you were treated to a treat.

Generally, hometown announcers are fairly biased, but this kind of homer-ism has taken biased broadcasting to a whole new level.

Also, please don’t let the two three-pointers that were made slip by you. Both were banked in and leaves one pondering if “bank” was actually called.

Apparently, with the amazing victory, Holland College now advances to the ACAA finals. My only hope going forward is that its announcers are allowed to call the game.

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