Bubble Watch: One Win and the Colorado Buffaloes Are Firmly In

By Joseph Nardone
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It is almost bubble watch crunch time. Mid-majors and smaller conferences have already had their conference tournaments get underway. Schools from power-conferences are desperately rooting for usual one bid conferences to have little to no upsets during their battles. Since every time a school who isn’t supposed to win their conference tournament does actually win, a bubble is burst somewhere in the bubble landscape.

The Colorado Buffaloes probably find themselves on the right side of this evil bubble. Although, I don’t think they want to leave their fate up to lesser-conferences abilities to play-out the way they are supposed to. To ensure a pair of at-large dancing slippers, Colorado only needs to do one thing — win their final regular season game.

Except, their final game isn’t going to be against a Pac 12 pushover. In fact, the Buffaloes will have to battle it out against the Oregon State Beavers. Oh alright, Oregon State isn’t a very good basketball team this year. But losing to that team will put a huge dent in Colorado’s NCAA tournament dreams. If they were to find a way to lose this game, it would force the Buffaloes to make a significant run in the Pac 12 tourney just to make the NCAA version.

But if they were to destroy the Beavers it might be enough. Honestly, a victory of Oregon State should be enough to supplant them as one of the teams who will earn a pair of those elusive dancing slippers. Not because the Beavers are great, but it has to do more with all the bubble teams around Colorado doing their best to not make a case for an at-large bid.

The NCAA Selection Committee likes nothing more than teams who are hot at the end of the year, and the Buffaloes sure fit that bill. While a loss would be catastrophic, it still wouldn’t end their tourney dreams.

But why make things harder than they have to be. It is so simple, a win and the Buffaloes are in.

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