Bubble Watch: Virginia Cavaliers Need Guard Joe Harris to Go Bonkers

By Joseph Nardone
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s game of the Virginia Cavaliers vs the Maryland Terrapins has such thick bubble watch ramifications that you can cut it the air with a butter-knife. Both teams find themselves in a desperate need for a win and probably a mini-run in the ACC Tournament to even make the dance. Considering both are not going to be favored to win the conference tourney, a win here is even more paramount.

For the Cavaliers to actually win this game, a few things have to go right for them. Even though the two have already squared-off, a Virginia win, this game will have even more urgency than their last meeting. Meaning, the Cavaliers need to be able to calm their emotions before tip, but still play with a certain amount of craziness. A tough task, yet it is one they need to tackle.

More importantly, Virginia needs Joe Harris to go completely ape-crap bonkers. Harris has had several moments this season where he has stepped his game up to another level. Most notable of those performances was his manly 36 points in Virginia’s win over the Duke Blue Devils.

There is a saying for players and teams like this. Something about riding a dead horse or beating it to death — around those lines anyways. The Cavaliers’ horse is Harris. They need to beat ride him till the hooves come off. Let the player who has helped put you in a position to make the NCAA Tournament do all he can to help save your season.

Harris will attempt to go bonkers around 6 pm eastern today!

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