In Hindsight of California-Stanford Brawl, Revisions to the Rules Need to be Made

By Joseph Nardone
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of things go unnoticed in college basketball this time of the year. Due to all of the madness that has and will happen, stories sometimes fall through the media cracks. It happens, no one is to blame for it. However, it does leave a gap in knowledge, and even worse, it leaves stories that should effect the quality of the sport buried to scribes like me — as in, not as good or credible a guy like an ESPN reporter.

This is exactly what is going on in the aftermath of the California Golden BearsStanford Cardinal brawl. Very little noise about the incident, mostly just a mention, and on the east coast — almost zero coverage.

Sure, we have all seen the video go viral and some have touched on the incident briefly. Although, all the mentions about the incident is about the apparent flop that started it all, not what rule caused a huge mistake to happen.

An NCAA Rule states that anyone who leaves their team sidelines should be booted from the game. Imagine my surprise when several coaches from both benches came out to be peacemakers during the brawl, only to end up getting booted from the game. Would the NCAA rather a whopping three referees try to maintain a bunch of 20 year-old, testosterone-filled super-athletes?

This isn’t the worst rule the NCAA has set forth upon the college basketball world, but one that needs to be fixed immediately. Coaches have a direct relationship with the players and can certainly help curb violence in a much more efficient way than some zebras.

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