Offensive Foul Calls Becoming an Issue in College Basketball

By Connor Muldowney
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a growing problem in the college basketball world these days. Offensive fouls. No, not just the fact that players are flopping– which is also an issue– but the fact that referees are rewarding these flopping players with an offensive foul.

Although the flopping and offensive fouls are an issue, the inconsistency of blocking foul calls and charge calls is ridiculous. The rule is that a players feet must be set and outside of the semi-circle with an immobile body in order for a charge to be called. However, too many times in college basketball, defenders are moving with the offensive player, happen to fall down or flop, and the referee calls an offensive foul.


The only explanation for a terrible call such as that would be that the offensive player used an off-arm to push the defender over, but more often than not, the defender is going down to a phantom push.

Referees are trained and paid to make the right call most of the time, so why isn’t it happening?

There are instances when referees take control the whole momentum of the game and this should never happen. Why do referees allow this to happen? Why does the NCAA allow this to happen?

One such culprit of taking over the flow of the game is “TV” Teddy Valentine. Valentine’s horrid calls and overly-dramatic nature date back all the way to the days of Bob Knight.

Those two had multiple feuds because of Valentine’s desire to be noticed. On many occasions, he makes calls and emphatically reacts to plays that can infuriate coaches and fans on both sides of the court. His jumping up and down while waving his arms for a foul call is completely over the top and, therefore, should not be allowed.

Whether his nickname “TV” refers to his initials or the fact that he seemingly reacts to things in order to be noticed by the television cameras in unknown, but one thing is known: he should not be a college basketball official.

I’m not saying that college basketball referees should be watered down with no personality, but Valentine puts it over the top to the point where he is the center of attention. I have never seen a referee get booed more. He makes former most-hated referee Ed Hightower look like a saint.

Now that my rant is over, college basketball should take notice. Offensive foul calls that are inconsistent, ruin the flow of games and put them in the referees’ hands. There should be a consistent call that all referees should follow and that doesn’t seem to be the case as of right now.

If a referee can’t make a distinction between charging and blocking calls, then don’t blow the whistle. It’s that simple.

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