Seton Hall Pirates' Commit Jerron Wilbut Arrested

By Joseph Nardone
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

What can we say about the Seton Hall Pirates that already hasn’t been said. It seems as if there has been very few bright spots for this program as of late. In fact, the only thing they can truly hang their hat’s on is the fact that they are still tied-in with the Catholic Seven for the rebirth of the Big East Conference next season.

The Pirates currently find themselves in the midst of another atrocious season. Being a conference bottom-feeder is never fun, nevertheless in the last year that the conference you play in will exist (In this form at least). However, some thought there were some silver linings in the dark Seton Hall clouds in the future — mainly, the recruiting class coming in next season.

Then a bunch of opposite-of-awesome things happened. Recruit Kelechukwu Akuba was arrested last summer and YouTube highlight reel Aquille Carr has decided he might rather play professional ball overseas. Although, if only a few recruits were to escape the Seton Hall recruiting class, it would not be that big of a deal. However, another shoe has dropped for the Seton Hall program.

Another commit for next season has been arrested. This time, Jerron Wilbut has been accused of robbery while holding a man at gunpoint. Wilbut is still currently in jail until someone can post his $100,000 to get him out of the slammer.

So about that recruiting class that Seton Hall planned to have come in. Yeah, I am not to sure that its going to look like they have previously envisioned.

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