UNLV Rebels Throw Away Chances of Earning No. 2 Seed For MWC Tournament

By Trevor Lowry
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The UNLV Rebels threw away any chances of receiving a No. 2 seed for the MWC tournament by losing to Fresno State earlier on today.

Fresno State came into the game with only four MWC wins on the season. For UNLV, this is a very bad loss that came at home. Not to mention, this is the second time that the Rebels have lost to Fresno State on the year.

UNLV could have gotten a much better seed in the big dance, but now the Rebels will likely have to go on a deep run in their conference tournament just for their seed to possibly move up by one. However, if they win the MWC then it would obviously go up much more than that.

The Rebels came into the season with very high expectations, thanks to Mike Moser returning to the team and incoming freshman Anthony Bennett joining the squad, however, they have not necessarily met those expectations. However, with these two future NBA players, who knows how far UNLV will go in its conference tournament and the NCAA tournament.

UNLV has had a relatively tough schedule, at least according to the computer rankings, where the Rebels are ranked No. 13 in the RPI and No. 23 in the BPI.

This loss came at a weird time for UNLV, since it has been playing some good ball as of late, beating New Mexico, Colorado State and San Diego State in its last seven games. Whether the case, UNLV should enter the MWC tournament as the No. 3 seed with an overall record of 23-8 and a conference record of 10-6.


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