Bubble Watch: There is Still Hope For Providence Friars

By Ben Grimaldi
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t a good day for the Providence College Friars, who lost in overtime to the Connecticut Huskies yesterday, but even in defeat all is not lost. Sure PC is hanging on by the thinnest thread for an NCAA tournament bid but the season isn’t over and there is still hope.

Heading into yesterday’s game if you were someone who thought the Friars only needed to beat UCONN and their first opponent in the Big East tournament to make it into the big dance then, hope still exists. If PC beats Cincinnati on Wednesday afternoon and then goes on to defeat Georgetown in the quarterfinals on Thursday, then the Friars could be right back in the discussion to make the tournament.

Think about it, if you believed yesterday that PC needed two wins in their next three games to make the tournament, then nothing has changed. Winning the next two games would accomplish the same goal, only Georgetown is much bigger win than Connecticut and it would boost the Friars resume. Of course Georgetown is much better team so it’s also going to be a harder game to win but it does stand to reason that if PC can   pull off the upset, the bubble talk would begin again.

I realize none of this appears likely, especially since beating Cincinnati is a big enough task in itself, but my point is that all is not lost. Upsets happen every day in college basketball, especially this season where there appears to be no great team in the country. Georgetown is beatable, and so is any team PC might face in the Big East semifinals, or finals, after that. If this Friars team has taught us anything this season, it’s that they’ll never give up.

It’s unlikely the Friars make the NCAA tournament but there is still hope. No matter how slim the chances are, PC still has meaningful games to play and after years of going to the Big East tournament with nothing to play for, it’s a refreshing change. They could also win the whole thing and leave nothing to chance but I’m getting way too far ahead of myself.

The PC Friars are down but not out and we’ve seen this before; it was five weeks ago and look at what’s happened since then.

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