Marcus Paige Needs to Play Well in Order for North Carolina Tar Heels to Win

By Anthony Lenahan
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

Marcus Paige looked to be turning his freshman year around as the starting point guard for North Carolina.  His play was very poor in the beginning of the year, but it drastically improved towards the end of the season.  In the last two games for Carolina, Paige has played terrible and he needs to get back to his mid-season play if the Tar Heels want to make a run.

As a freshman, no one expected Paige to be amazing right when he stepped on the floor in the first game of the season, but over time you would expect him to improve, in which he did.

When he struggled big time in the beginning of the year, he was just trying to do to much.  He needed to realize it wasn’t high school basketball any more and he was playing against kids just as good as him and better than him.  When Paige was playing bad, the entire team was struggling and they looked like they could possibly be headed to the NIT.

Then when Roy Williams changed the starting five, Paige’s play changed as well.  He began to rack up assist after assist, while barely turning the ball over.  He is a scoring point guard, but as a point guard you need to be able to distribute the ball more than anything.

He stopped turning the ball over, while making the easy pass, but the right pass and that is why his play got better.  When players would sag off him, he would knock down the open shot and at times he would take his defender off the dribble.

Then the last two games, one which Carolina lost, Paige has returned to his freshman self again.  With his poor play, has come his teams poor play.

In his last two games, Paige has 13 turnovers and only nine assists.  Having more turnovers than assists as a point guard is just unacceptable and you can’t win with that type of point guard play.

If Paige doesn’t turn his play around, he will be watching the tournament real fast instead of playing in it.

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