North Carolina's Season Doesn't End as Planned

By Anthony Lenahan
Bob Donnan-USA Today Sports

What is better than getting to play your arch-rival at home on the last game of the regular season in the biggest rivalry in the sport in prime-time with a chance at a major upset?  North Carolina got that exact opportunity last night, but it didn’t end the way they wanted it to.

Carolina had been playing their best basketball of the season coming into the biggest game of the year for them to date.  It was a game for them to really show they can make a run in the NCAA tournament, but it just wasn’t the Tar Heels’ night.

After winning six straight games since losing to Duke in their first meeting, they got their streak ended by Duke.

The Tar Heels played almost as bad as they could play while the Blue Devils shot lights out and played great defense the whole night.  It was a blowout from the start and Carolina looked terrible, but the Tar Heels have nothing to worry about.

Duke played at the top of their game while Carolina played at the bottom of their’s and only won by 16.  Only won by 16, I know it is a blowout, but if Carolina shoots 25% from behind the arc instead of less than 10%, it is a 5 point game.

Carolina has been shooting at about 40% from behind the arc while on their winning streak. You are going to have off games and the Heels had one of those in this one.

P.J. Hairston and James Michael McAdoo were among the Tar Heels who got numerous good looks from the field, but just weren’t able to knock them down.

You can’t be worried about that if your a Tar Heel fan, you just have to hope it doesn’t happen again.  This is a very good team right now and when they are making outside shots, watch out for the Heels.

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