Saint Louis' Depth Makes them a Dangerous Team

By Anthony Lenahan
Scott Rovak-USA Today Sports

Depth is a major factor when it comes to tournament play and that is exactly what Saint Louis has.  It is a huge advantage when you have multiple people you can bring off the bench and fill in for your starters when they need a quick break.  Another major impact depth has is when you are playing on one day’s rest and you have nine or ten guys who you can play, they don’t fatigue as easily.

The Billikens are a lock in the NCAA tournament so it is safe to start evaluating their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to tournament play.  Depth is a major strength for the Atlantic 10 champions as they have nine guys who all average double digit minutes.

Not only do they have nine guys that they put on the court for significant playing time, those nine guys all make an impact while in the game.  Besides Dwayne Evans who easily leads the team in points scored and rebounds per game, the next eight guys do not have a wide spread when it comes to average points and rebounds per game.

How rare is it to have nine different guys who all have an off game on the same day?  That has never happened and probably never will, so someone will always step up for the Billikens when Evans is struggling or Kwamain Mitchell is having an off day.

Saint Louis is looking to make a run in the NCAA tournament.  They aren’t happy with just getting there, they want to win games in the postseason and with the depth and talent they have on this roster, they can do just that.

Their strength of schedule might hurt them, but the toughness and energy these kids all bring to the floor will make up for it.

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