Georgtown Hoyas Still Have a Shot at a No. 1 Seed

By Joseph Nardone
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Personally, I don’t think a number one seed in this year’s NCAA Tournament is that big of a deal. I find that which side of the country you will be playing on to be much more important. Sure, playing the worst of the worst tourney teams to start is great, but in the second round, all of the teams (including the one seeds) will start to face admirable foes. Given the wackiness of this year, it feels like the first two rounds will be wide open, making the seeding number far less important.

However, that doesn’t mean a team won’t continue to play hard in their conference tournaments to be awarded a top seed. That is exactly what the Georgetown Hoyas plan to do in the Big East Conference Tournament.

A one seed in the Big East Tourney has given the Hoyas a fake double-bye. Georgetown is going to play the winner of a red-hot Providence Friars vs a stumbling Cincinnati Bearcats match-up. Both of these are winnable games against teams the Hoyas have handed losses to during the regular season. Then it is likely off to play a slew of Big East forces, assuming they keep winning and things stay relatively chalk. This is a group of teams that are not only going to make the NCAA Tournament, but are also looking for very high seeds.

If the Hoyas were to win the Big East Tournament and other conference tournaments do not let chalk play-out, Georgetown would be a shoe-in for a number one seed. Still, if they were to at least make it deep into the conference tourney, it would force the Selection Committee into making some hard decisions on Sunday. Especially considering the Hoyas can end up playing as many as four NCAA Tournament quality teams when it is all said and done — something their competition for one seeds won’t have an opportunity to do.

At the end of the day I still think it is more important where the Hoyas play than whom (especially in the first two rounds), but it is not lost on me the importance to a program that a “one” seed holds. It is a bragging right to your conference brethren while going down the recruiting trail.

Although all of that can be for naught if they were to fall in one of the early rounds anyway, which many experts think is a real possibility for number ones this year.


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