Marquette Golden Eagles Coach Buzz Williams Looking to Take Next Step

By Joseph Nardone
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In an effort to be so redundant that you have no choice but to acknowledge it, here is another pro-Buzz Williams article. Despite all of Williams’ successes with the Marquette Golden Eagles, he still goes widely unappreciated when it comes to talking basketball coaches. But not only does he have Marquette in a prime position for the Big East Conference tournament, his program has a share in the regular season conference title.

Although I don’t think that is going to be enough to satisfy the world to finally recognize the great job Williams has done. Even though in his four years with the program, and making the NCAA tournament all four, it seems destined that people won’t talk about the coach more until he makes a deep run in tourney — apparently his two Sweet Sixteen appearances the last two years have not been enough.

The next level would be the Elite Eight or further. However, the road to recognition could start much earlier than that. If the Golden Eagles were to come away from the Big East tournament with winning the whole thing, then (maybe) Williams will start to see the national spotlight hitting his well dressed body.

Still, it might have to be an Elite Eight or bust for Williams and the Golden Eagles. That would keep the Big East tournament as an important series of games, although it would be for seeding more than some limelight.

Marquette will be playing in the conference tournament for seeding and more importantly to play as close to home as possible. Williams and his program does not get even close to the amount of credit their Catholic Seven brethren do. With a new Big East Conference on the horizon, Williams will be looking to make a mark on the old one starting March 14 after a double-bye in the conference tournament.

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