Bubble Watch: Madness for the Colorado Buffaloes Starts Right Now

By Joseph Nardone
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This is about as simple as it could be for the Colorado Buffaloes. Thanks to an up and down season, which included good wins as well as bad losses, Colorado has already hit their win or go home part of their schedule.

Oddly enough, Colorado’s first game in the upcoming Pac 12 Conference Tournament is against a team they literally just lost to, the Oregon State Beavers. The two teams have split their season series with each winning a game a piece. But let us not kid ourselves, Oregon State is a very bad basketball team. The Beavers only have four Pac 12 wins (One of them thanks to Colorado, obviously) and should be as easy of a win as a team could ask for.

Despite the ease with which this game should be won, if lost, it would end up being the final nail in the Buffaloes’ NCAA Tournament dancing dreams. It is the highest example of high-risk and high-reward. Not only is it safe to assume that a victory would land them a pair of dancing slippers, but it would be even safer to think that an L would send them to the NIT.

If Colorado were to do what they are supposed to, win, it would be off to face the Arizona Wildcats in the next round. Not only would they already be in a position to make the NCAA Tournament, but they would also find themselves playing a team that they would actually be able to afford a loss against.

It isn’t always about winning enough games. Sometimes it has just as much to do with losing to the right teams.

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