Indiana Hoosiers Coach Tom Crean Apologizes for Crazy Behavior

By Joseph Nardone
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Hoosiers coach Tom Crean went bonkers after their victory over the Michigan Wolverines. Now highly documented, Crean went over to former IU assistant Jeff Meyer and let him know what he thought of the man — mainly, that he at least partially blames Meyer for the scandal that hurt the program under the previous regime.

After Crean yelled at Meyer, he turned around and had a weird smile across his face. It was a cross of the “Tom Arnold on a bender” face and an evil villain just one-upping his superhero foe. Putting aside the fact that Crean looks scarily like Arnold, this was a moment I really enjoyed. If Crean meant what he said, it was nice to see a man yell at another for ruining what the game of college basketball was meant to be.

So imagine my disappointment when I heard Crean had apologized. I mean, Lex Luther would never call up Superman after whooping on him with some kryptonite.

On a conference call, Crean talked about the apology. “On the way to the plane, I talked to him on the telephone. We discussed a couple of things and I apologized. In retrospect, I wish I had never addressed anything after the heat of battle in a game, but I did and we move on. End of story.”

Why is Crean apologizing to a man who helped ruin a program that he has helped rebuild? I can only assume he meant what he said to Meyer after the game. Usually when caught in the heat of the moment, truth will rise to the surface.

One can only guess that someone from IU asked Crean to apologize for the sake of looking classy. Although I think what he did on the court, while crazy, was as awesome as anything I have ever seen.

The other possibility is that Crean felt embarrassed for looking like a loon and calling out a colleague on national TV. But still, Lex Luther wouldn’t care if he finally stomped on Superman’s head on cable — the only phone calls he would be making is to his minions yelling “WE DID IT!”

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