Oregon Ducks Will Win the Pac 12 Conference Tournament

By Joseph Nardone
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, I get the fact that the headline in the title either makes you think I am mad-crazy or an Oregon Ducks homer. The fact of the matter is I am more of the former than the latter. However, I really do believe that Oregon can win the Pac 12 Conference Tournament. Although, I don’t really think they are the best team in the conference, I do think that happenstance happens to play a large role in how they will go about doing it.

Oregon is a three seed in the conference tourney, which means they earned a first round bye. After the first round plays out, the Ducks will end up playing one of the two Washington schools — both of whom are not very good. After they destroy one of those northwest schools it’ll be a date with (presumably) the California Bears.

Cal has actually toppled the Ducks twice this season. So I assume you are pondering on why I have Oregon beating them now. Well, for a lack of a better theory, the Ducks are due. It is hard for any team in the country to beat the same team three times in one year, nevertheless one that is good. Oregon’s losses to them were by a combined six points, so thinking they will turn it around against Cal isn’t the biggest stretch of the imagination.

Since I have Oregon winning the whole thing, it is off to the finals to likely play with the UCLA Bruins or Arizona Wildcats. Oregon has already dispatched of both of these teams this season (Don’t worry, only once since my Cal theory is “Due for a win”), so more of the same can be expected.

At the end of the day, the Oregon Ducks are going to win the Pac 12 Tournament because they are better, “due”, and already have beaten potential foes. If you can come up with a better theory as to why a team is going to win, I’d like to hear it.

March is mad, so why not have a theory based in madness?

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