Trojan Warfare: USC Suspends Two Players Following Fight

By John Engel
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

When the PAC-12 Conference Tournament begins Wednesday in Las Vegas, Southern California will be without two of their centers following an indefinite suspension.

James Blasczyk and Dewayne Dedmon were in a large fight in downtown Spokane, Wash. on Sunday morning, but neither were arrested or charged with a crime according to the school. Two Spokane residents were arrested in connection with the fight, however, according to the Spokane Police Department. Both players were out far past curfew, and were suspended for violating team rules.

“Obviously, any time you hear something like that, you’re disappointed,” Head Coach Bob Cantu said, “but you’ve got to find out facts and you’ve got to find out what’s true and what’s not true. Then you’ve got to go from there.”

As a junior contributor, it is likely that Dedmon will rejoin the team next season after facing disciplinary measures. Blasczyk, however, has played his final game as a Trojan basketball player. The loss of Dedmon happens to be significant, even though he isn’t considered one of the team’s standout players. The center averages over six points and seven rebounds per contest.

With his 7-foot 1-inch frame, it’s not easy to miss Dedmon and his 7-foot sidekick Blasczyk. Whoever picked to have a fight with the Red Wood Forest was either blind or stupid, but luckily no one was killed in the altercation.

John Engel is a college basketball writer for Rant Sports, covering the PAC-12 and Mountain West conferences. John works for ESPNLA 710 AM radio in addition to Rant Sports. Follow: @engelsportsguy.

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