Cincinnati Helps Their Case for March Madness Bid with win Over Providence

By marcvilas
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

It certainly was not pretty, but the Cincinnati Bearcats might have solidified themselves in the top 64 to make the NCAA Tournament.

Providence put up a fight after the first ten minutes, but fell 61-44. Meanwhile, the Bearcats moved to the third round of the Big East tournament and improved to 22-10 on the season with good wins over Oregon, Xavier, Pittsburgh and Marquette.

Cincy started the game shooting 50 percent from the field in the first ten minutes, 4-of-5 in the paint, but went ice cold for the rest of the game as they settled for jump shots. Providence showed their toughness as they finished the first half on a 12-3 run, but it was not enough momentum to carry them to a much needed win. Cincy tried to help their opponent by settling for three pointers and bad shots, but ended up pulling away at the end.

The Bearcats showed all the inconsistency of their season in this one game. When they are on they could be a scary team to face in a single elimination game, but it’s ugly if they are off.

They shot 41 percent from the field in their big win over a very good defensive-minded Pitt team, but the 32 percent shooting then doomed them against Syracuse. They have the athleticism needed to compete with the better teams in the nation, but lack the basketball IQ and discipline to grind out the difficult games that possibly await them.

A win is a win, but now they get Georgetown. Which Cincinnati team will show up?

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