Seton Hall Recruit Aquille Carr Hints at Taking Talents Overseas

By marcvilas
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The Big East has fallen apart team by team over the last few years, and the teams within the conference are not immune to their own crumbling.  Seton Hall was once a respectable program, a tough place to play and a factor on the recruiting trails in the northeast.  Now they are a doormat that even their own recruits do not respect.

One of their highest rated recruits in a long time, Aquille Carr, has been using Twitter to hint that he might go overseas, a la Brandon Jennings and Jeremy Tyler, rather than honor his commitment to the Pirates.

Carr, rated the number 23 point guard in the nation, is not exactly role model material.  He has been affiliated with no fewer than three high schools in three different states, arrested for beating the mother of his child and likens himself to notorious bad boy Nate Robinson. At 5-7 he might be more trouble than talent and Seton Hall could be dodging the proverbial bullet if this kid tries to play overseas. This week he posted on Twitter:


Nicknamed “The Crime Stopper” because crime in Baltimore allegedly decreases when he is playing, Carr is just feeding the stereotype that all athletes only care about getting paid.  He is kidding himself if he thinks life will be easier by taking the money and running overseas.  Most contracts are not guaranteed and are not more than one year.  He also will not find the competition to be as easy as playing against 16 and 17 year old high schoolers.  He will find himself matched up against grown men, most of which will be significantly taller than his generously listed height of 5-7.

In a nutshell, don’t hit girls, don’t use Twitter for anything other than saying what you had for lunch and stay in school.

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