Bubble Watch: Iowa Hawkeyes Should Be Left Out of the NCAA Tournament

By Trevor Lowry
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Iowa Hawkeyes are just one of many teams that should be left out of the NCAA tournament.

Iowa did its best by beating three teams in a row and only losing to Michigan State by three points in the Big Ten tournament, but at the end of the day, this team just didn’t do enough.

Just take a look at the Hawkeyes out-of-conference schedule and this is pretty clear. Iowa lost to Virginia Tech and Wichita State. Although the loss to the Shockers was not a bad one, it was still a loss. The only quality non-confernce win that this team had was against Iowa State, which is another team on the bubble.

In the Big Ten, Iowa was able to beat Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. It failed to beat the bigger boys in the conference, although the win against the Badgers was a very good one and the best on the season for Iowa.

However, the bubble conversation will likely come down to Minnesota and Iowa. It is possible that both teams could still make it, but it should not be that way, despite the Big Ten being the best conference this season.

If Iowa does make the big dance then so be it. However, the Hawkeyes’ computer rankings aren’t the best in the world and they could only manage two road wins all season, which came to the likes of Penn State and Northwestern. That is nothing to brag about by any means.

Playing a close game against the Spartans may have other people thinking otherwise, but a loss is still a loss.


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