Bubble Watch: Tennessee Volunteers' At-Large Bid Up In the Air

By Trevor Lowry
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Volunteers didn’t take care of business in the SEC tournament, which is why their at-large bid for the NCAA Tournament is still up in the air.

Tennessee got one win in its conference tournament against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. A loss would have crushed the Volunteers’ hopes of dancing, but a win doesn’t really do anything.

You would think that Tennessee would have went just a little farther, since the SEC tournament was held in Tennessee and all. However, the Volunteers were not able to take care of business against the Alabama Crimson Tide, who were also a bubble team. So many teams had so much on the line in this tournament, as a result of being on the bubble.

Alabama should now be in the big dance, which obviously is not good news for the Volunteers.

Did Tennessee do enough on the season to make the dance? Well, if we knew that question than it would not be on the bubble, it would either be Team NCAA tournament or Team NIT.

Victories over Massachusetts, Wichita State and Xavier look pretty good for this team in the non-conference schedule. It also was able to beat Kentucky, Florida and Missouri in SEC play. Normally when you beat the top teams in your conference, you are almost guaranteed a spot in the dance, but this year is unlike any other in the SEC. Florida was the only lock going into this tournament, with many of the teams on the bubble.

I think the Volunteers have done more than enough to make the dance, but since this conference is only expected to get three to four teams in, things are not looking in Tennessee’s favor.


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